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why did you have to make me cry again tho.

in Parks and Rec, Ann moves away because a bigger city and a different state, and being closer to her extended family, is better for her and her immediate family. Leslie is sad, but understands, and never stops working, with the remaining community, to make Pawnee, Indiana, a better place to live. and whilst I don't ever expect or plan on y'all moving back here like Chris and Ann did with Pawnee, I will summon Leslie Knope and never stop trying to make Texas a better place for you.

love you forever.

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🥺 You will always be the Ann to my Leslie (and the reverse in this case), you poetic noble land mermaid. We will be in different states again, but our hearts will forever be connected. Plus we have these pesky phone things and the interwebz to connect us too. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

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